I offer a 3 Month Natural Weight Loss Program which is holistic, customised, transformational and sustainable.

6 Naturopathic Sessions are included to maximise results. Each session has one topic the client would like to focus on and weight loss / health related topics can be added.

Sessions are online in Zoom or In-Person at my Epsom home clinic in Auckland, New Zealand.

6 Sessions (3 Months) include:

  • Holistic Naturopathic Assessment.
  • Research Based Recommendations - Nutrition, Lifestyle, Herbal Medicine and Natural Supplements where required. I make suggestions and clients choose what they would like based on suggested recommendations.
  • Goal Weight Vision Setting.
  • Curbing Sugar Cravings.
  • Self Soothing Strategies.
  • Meal Preparation Planner.
  • Shopping Lists - Healthy Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats, Healthy Proteins.
  • Recipe Alternatives.
  • Processing Thoughts/Feelings/Emotions That Could Contribute to Weight Gain.
  • Setting Food Boundaries with Yourself and Others.
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight.

Book in a Free 20 Minute Natural Weight Loss Breakthorugh Session to find out more

*Products are an additonal cost.



Optional 3 Month Naturally Free Weight Loss Maintenance Program Available, for those that have gone through the a 3 Month Naturally Free Weight Loss Program. This program is customised to client’s needs.

What makes my program different to any other weight loss program?

I help my clients let go of the weight loss battle and make weight loss simple and easy. I focus on permanent and sustainable weight loss solutions and help client’s get to the root cause of their weight gain. I focus on what clients can do.