I'm Minal
I help professional women (40+) who have tried every fad diet and exercise program lose weight naturally and sustainably without dieting, so they can feel confident, energised and calm in their body in 90 days or less.

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This was me...10-15kg heavier than I am today!

Thirties (Today)

There was a time in my life where I was 10-15kg heavier than I am today.

“I was struggling with my weight. I was addicted to sugar, emotional eating and was on a yo-yo dieting rollercoaster”

My clothes didn’t fit me well. I wished I was a skinny minny like my friends.

My life was stressful.

I felt like I had to be perfect.

I thought nobody liked me because I wasn’t thin enough.

I had a friend tell me “Oh I thought you would have been skinnier out of your uniform”.

When I changed schools, the cool girls didn’t want to be my friend.

I had no idea how to get to lose weight and get healthier.

My Mission Weight loss doesn’t need to be a battle and I’m passionate about guiding women to discover a weight loss path that works for them. I help women step into their power and take control of their bodies so that they feel more confident, energised and calm in their bodies while reaching their ideal weight.

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Tasha Ghamry

Auckland, NZ


Minal was not only fun and inspiring, the learnings I gained about what my family were eating were amazing. Minal assessed the nutritional information on many of my products from chutneys to rice, she highlighted why things aren't so good for us in a very gentle manner & gave me great suggestions.

Johanna-May Manks

Auckland, NZ


I totally felt heard and my steps to success celebrated enthusiastically. I like that I could talk about my own assumptions about my digestive health and what could be causing them and not shut down for being wrong or right even. It's great to talk about my weight loss experience and what I'm learning or becoming more curious about, so I appreciate the space to do that. I'm in good hands.


Auckland, NZ


Minal also showed her knowledge of products and their nutritional value and I gained insight and tips that will change some of what I buy and eat in the future. I especially loved the permission to have treats and Minal had some really good ideas about what these could be and how often I should have them.

Dee Vercauteren

Lower Hutt, NZ


Minal is lovely, patient and puts a lot of effort in understanding each client's requirements. I did not pay too much attention to all the ingredients of all the products earlier. Minal explained in depth about all products and its components which was an eye opener for me.

Avani Bhadra

Auckland, NZ